What size ball should my child bring?
A size 3 soccer ball is generally appropriate for children up through the age of 5. As your child nears age 6, it's best to graduate to a size 4 ball, which is good up till around age 12, when they'll move up to a regulation size 5 ball. If you have any questions about this, please call our office. Balls can be purchased at Soccer Stop (297 Inman Ave., Colonia 732-882-0606), Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Do we need anything besides a soccer ball?
A water bottle is almost more important than a soccer ball, since we always have a few extra balls on hand in case someone forgets theirs. But you WILL want to have a water bottle every week!

Should my child wear any special clothing?
That’s not necessary – whatever clothing is comfortable for running around is fine.

Does my child need special sneakers/shoes or shin guards?
While good sneakers are an asset in any athletic environment, Rovers does not require that you have a particular type of soccer shoes. Shin guards are a good idea, particularly for children ages 8 and older but are not required to play.

How many children are in a group? 
Typically the groups consist of up to 8-12 children, depending on the age group.

I’d like to pay by check but I'm not sure how I set that up through the on-line registration.
You may register and arrange to pay later, but do NOT select the auto billing option. This will allow you to mail in your check or to contact our office that you will be bringing the payment to the first class.

I want to register and save a spot for my child, but I’m not sure yet if we’ll be able to attend. Can I go ahead and register and let you know before the class starts?
NO, do not register until your plans to attend are in place. It would be best to call and talk to the office if you’re not certain, rather than registering.

What if my child will miss one or even two sessions?
Arrangements for one or more make-up sessions, on a different day or at a different location, are never a problem as long as you notify our office by phone or email BEFORE the missed class. We can also arrange a prorated pricing when families need to register late.

What if bad weather is predicted (particularly for a Sunday when the office is closed on Saturday)? 
Since our soccer sessions are held at various indoor locations, the decision about weather conditions is almost always made by each facility, taking into account the safety of their roads and parking lot. If the facility is open, the class is held (in most cases). Sometimes these decisions have to be made on short notice. We will email everyone when the decision is made, but you can also call the office to see if there is a recorded weather update. If a class is held, but you are not able to attend due to the weather, please handle it like any missed class and notify us BEFORE the session is missed.  IF A CLASS IS CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER, AN ADDITIONAL WEEK WILL BE ADDED AT THE END.

What are your office hours?
Rovers is generally open every day except Saturday, with limited hours on Sundays and Thursdays. During the weeks around the start of a new session, we often have longer hours - from about 10 am-7 pm.

We have a friend who’s heard great things about Rovers; can my child bring a friend to try the class one time? 
Although this is rarely a problem to arrange when we play outdoors, it can also be arranged for most of our indoor sessions. Please call the office to get the price and set up the arrangement.

I signed my child up but they’ve been sick and haven’t been able to attend. Can I get a refund?
We understand that circumstances and plans can change and therefore refunds are never a problem. Please call the office and let us know your circumstances; we’re happy to work with you!

I heard about your classes after they began. Can I still register and what would the price be
Call the Rovers office and we’ll be happy to set this up for you at an adjusted price.

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